White patches on tongue?

Answer Exclusively breastfed babies rarely have diarrhea. If there is a change in frequency or consistency of stool doctor should be consulted. Maternal medication may also cause diarrhea. Infective diar... Read More »

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My tongue is sore with white patches?

Why would my Child have small round white patches on the front of his tongue?

Answer Could it be thrush? You should check with your pediatrician.

What causes white patches on teeth?

AnswerWhite patches on your teeth come from to much plaque that build up from over the years and can later on in life leave holes in the area that they are, to prevent.Make sure you brush that area... Read More »

How can you remove white patches on your teeth?

Please.. Don't use baking soda when you have the white spots on your teeth - I did and they stayed with me ALL day... It was embarrassing! So, Please, don't even try when you have them occurring. I... Read More »