White marks on bottom of nails?

Answer Lunula is the word. see below for further...

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What do you do to get rid of white calcium looking flakes that settle to the bottom of your pool and when stirred up turn your water a milky white?

Answer Sounds like white water mold to me. Hum, take a sample of the "flakes" and water if possible to local pool store for analyzing. k If you have a Salt Water Chlorinating system and hard wate... Read More »

What do bottom marks mean on Precious Moments?

The marks on the bottom of Precious Moments figurines are production marks. Enesco started putting them on figurines in 1981 to identify the year in which each individual figurine was manufactured.... Read More »

What would cause black marks on the bottom of a pool that was newly replastered about two months ago?

Answer Are these black dots or moderately size smudges of some type? Or maybe they are gray to black lines. With the latter, consider turning the leaf skimmer over and using the other side. The al... Read More »

Do skimmers leave black marks on the bottom of pebble-tech pools?

Answer Do you mean leaf skimmers net that are attached to the pole? If so, Yes. The aluminum outer support ring just under the plastic wear sleeve will leave a gray to black line as you push it al... Read More »