White diamond shirt or black diamond shirt?

Answer I like the white one, plus it will go with a lot more :)

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Does this match a white shirt, dark blue jeans, and a white headband with black dots?

HELP! Black hair dye AND Coke in white shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

shirt is ruined, just wasting your time, your hot water and your cleaning products

What is indicated by a white marker with an orange crossed diamond&black lettering?

White markers with an orange outline and black lettering are boating markers. They are used to give boaters warnings of restricted areas, dangers or directions. A crossed diamond with black letteri... Read More »

What Type of Snake Is Black With a White Diamond Outline on Its Back?

A few snakes sport a diamond pattern on their backs, which helps them avoid detection by both predators and prey. The contrast in the skin pattern makes it difficult to see the direction of movemen... Read More »