White cottony pieces from my vagina?

Answer Most girls who are pregnant are sensitive to getting a yeast infection. Buteven babies and men get it and so do virginsSmall cuts and scrapes from your V is an easy door for infection such as Yeast... Read More »

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How to Remove Colored Candle Wax from White Crochet Pieces?

Coloured candle wax poses a removal problem when it has dripped onto a tablecloth, clothing, or a side table crocheted doily.

Trying to build a computer from pieces, will these pieces work together?

Does the vagina of a virgin look different from the vagina of someone whos not a virgin?

You have to know the the pictures on Google are not TOO accurate, and everyone is a little different. The little bag thing is your clitoris, which was probably just a messy sketch and is really sup... Read More »

I masturbated two days ago. the next sag my vagina was sore and itchy. today it has a white flaky substance. w?

Next time you masturbate you something so ur coochie doesnt get sore and raw, like vaseline or some kind of lotion. and it might just be discharge or yeast infection.