White Topaz, White Sapphire, White Diamond. Do these have similar metaphysical properties?

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The Differences in White Sapphire & White Topaz?

White topaz and white sapphire are two very similar precious stones. However, the two of them have several subtle differences in their composition as well as their appearances that might escape the... Read More »

What is a white sapphire?

Most people think of sapphires as brilliant blue, but they can also be yellow, green, brown, pink, purple and white. The white sapphire is often used as a diamond substitute, although it is softer ... Read More »

What is the value of a 33-carat solitaire white sapphire?

The clarity and color of a 33-carat white sapphire are crucial in determining its worth. As of May 2010, Awesome Gems sold white sapphires at $420 to $1,499.20 per carat, so a 33-carat one could be... Read More »

How to Tell the Difference Between a Real & Fake White Sapphire?

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but consumers may want alternatives. Whether it’s due to cost savings, or concerns about some diamond mining and business practices, several options exist ... Read More »