White Stuff of my Spanish CD!?

Answer it is called as fungus and it is hard to remove and the more it is the more damaged you cd is,so i suggest just copy the cd to another cd, and keep it safe and do play yur cd every now and then ho... Read More »

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What is the white stuff in egg white?

The clear viscous liquid within eggs shells is known as albumen. Formed of protein and water, it exists to cushion, protect and nourish the egg yolk, as the yolk gradually develops into an embryo a... Read More »

White stuff on my tongue?

It's called scum.Just brush your tongue with fluoride toothpaste; it will eventually go.See your local dentist for more (that's if he isn't a corrupt bastard like the majority of NHS dentists).

White stuff in pimples...?

Oh jeez, that sucks. Do you wipe them with the pad and break the skin open, or do you blot? I highly, highly recomend blotting. Anything else and you're prone to scarring- scars that will last a... Read More »

White stuff on tongue?

The white stuff on your tongue is very likely dead cells. Everybody has it, that's why some people's tongues look more gray than pink. I would suggest getting a tongue scraper. You can get one in t... Read More »