White Picket Edging?

Answer Landscape edging gives gardens and walkways a tidy appearance by adding structure and definition. Edging also reduces maintenance by blocking wayward ground cover and deterring foot traffic. White ... Read More »

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Picket Fence Edging?

A miniature version of the real thing, picket fence edging will provide separation between your lawn and your garden or flower beds, and will add a cute accent to your home's exterior. Picket fence... Read More »

Where can I buy white brick or white chop stone that I can use for edging in Virginia?

I work in the garden center at the Lowe's in Newport News. While we do not keep white edging in stock, we should be able to special order it. Also, there is a place across the street from the New... Read More »

Should we picket outside her house?

why can't you just LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE???????????why do you always feel the need to SHOVE your beliefs down other peoples throats? can't you just do your part and let everyone else live their own li... Read More »

How to Repair a Picket Fence?

A picket fence endures everything that Mother Nature unleashes outdoors. As a consequence, any fence will eventually need to be repaired.