White Hydrangea Pests?

Answer Many hydrangeas have white blooms, including oakleaf, panicle, smooth and climbing cultivars. A variety of mites and insects enjoy feeding upon the foliage and flowers of this attractive shrub. Blo... Read More »

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White Hydrangea Centerpieces?

White hydrangea centerpieces suit occasions from casual to sophisticated. Hydrangeas' widespread availability in the summer and fall months makes them a frequent choice for festive tables. The colo... Read More »

Floral Centerpieces With White Hydrangea & Other Summer Flowers?

Pure white hydrangeas go beautifully in centerpieces for any occasion. A backyard family reunion, a formal wedding reception, an intimate dinner-for-two and a lavish anniversary party are just a fe... Read More »

How to Use a Climbing Hydrangea?

Climbing hydrangeas can grow to heights of up to 30 feet when tall supports are provided. They have deciduous green leaves and white clusters of flowers that bloom during the late spring. Climbing ... Read More »

How do I plant a cut hydrangea?

PreparationCut the stem at an angle. Remove all leaves on the bottom 3 inches of the stem. Dip into a rooting solution.PlantingPrepare an 8-inch flower pot with potting soil to less than an inch fr... Read More »