White Hibiscus Plants?

Answer The hibiscus' showy blooms have come to symbolize the splashy and whimsical feel of the tropics. But aside from the flower's rainbow of available hues, several varieties produce crisp white flowers... Read More »

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Where do hibiscus plants get energy?

Like most plants, hibiscus plants get their energy from the sun. They use the process of photosynthesis to convert the sun's rays into energy. Hibiscus plants are very efficient at using the sun in... Read More »

Bugs on Hibiscus Plants?

The hibiscus is best known for its glossy, dark-green leaves and large, brightly colored blossoms that often stretch several inches across. Although this shrub is relatively hardy, it can fall vict... Read More »

Hawaiian Hibiscus Plants?

Hawaii is known for the tropical flowers it produces and the leis made from them. Hibiscus is a group of flowers that are in the family Malvaceae or mallows. The common forms of hibiscus that are c... Read More »

How do i start hibiscus plants?

Take about 15 to 20 cuttings from the softwood, or new growth, in spring or summer from a well-established hibiscus plant. Cuttings should be about the length of a pencil. Trim all but one or two l... Read More »