While sitting at my desk, what is a way I can wake myself up?

Answer Well yahoo answers is a sure sign of restlessness. Exercise by walking around the desk a few dozen times to keep your body and mind active at the same time. Caffeine works better when it is movin... Read More »

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Truck starts hard after sitting long but starts fine only when sitting a short while?

it could be several problems main 3 to start with are spark air fuelmost likely your fuel lines or filter could have build up or pressure lossalso a bad wire to starter or your air filter could nee... Read More »

Every time i get drunk i wake up and want to kill myself?

That is a shame to be sure. Don't kill yourself. All you need is a person to talk to maybe family or medically trained person. For now don't drink whatever (alcohol) its is given you these morbid t... Read More »

How can i wake myself up in the mrning without coffee or energy drinks?

Take a warm to cool shower. It is harsh after getting out of a warm bed, but the shock to the system gets your whole body working. Also, if you have a multi-B vitamin, take that as well. Also, anyt... Read More »

Imagine your sitting at your desk at work, and the person opposite you is a vegetarian....?

i'm a vegetarian, but i think people have the right to eat what they want. if someone were complaining about the smell of my lunch (garlicky, you know, some sort of offensive smell) i would proba... Read More »