While sitting at my desk, what is a way I can wake myself up?

Answer Well yahoo answers is a sure sign of restlessness. Exercise by walking around the desk a few dozen times to keep your body and mind active at the same time. Caffeine works better when it is movin... Read More »

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Can your knee hurt from sitting at your desk all day?

oh sure my butt hurts some days. lately it's been my eyes the most from staring at the damn screen!

Imagine your sitting at your desk at work, and the person opposite you is a vegetarian....?

i'm a vegetarian, but i think people have the right to eat what they want. if someone were complaining about the smell of my lunch (garlicky, you know, some sort of offensive smell) i would proba... Read More »

When you’re sitting on the upstairs floor, are u sitting on the downstairs ceiling?

I love you so much darling,and the answer is

We were sitting at the table having a conservation and there was a guy sitting breathing all heard.?

I do the same thing so tell him dont feel bad (hint:Im not obese)