While marking down a female coworker’s period in my Day Planner, I noticed…?

Answer You Sissy!!! You still use a day planner

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Christmas Gifts for Female Coworkers?

Office Christmas parties can be a little awkward if a gift exchange is involved. There are some gift items that are obviously inappropriate--such as lingerie--but other things that might seem good ... Read More »

Have you noticed the more you talk to your on-line female friends, your cycles tend to coincide?

are you bleeding out of your vagina also?

If three pregnancy tests come out negative and you have had a normal period for the last two months but you noticed your breasts leaking could you still be pregnant?

Answer Breast leaking in pregnancy usually doesn't occur until at least 5 months pregnant. I would say you are safe on the pregnancy part but I'd go to the gyno if you are leaking, and have not re... Read More »

Do female hamsters get their period?

Hamsters have seasonal reproductive cycles, meaning they are sexually active only April through October. During this time, they will be receptive to a male every four days. If fertilization does no... Read More »