While lifting weights this morning, I pulled an upper thigh muscle.?

Answer Find your significant other and have him or her left and move your legs in many different ways while *cough* doing something else to help you forget about the strain.

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Is lifting weights in the morning or the evening better for the spine?

On One Hand: Proper Warm-up Is KeyFamily site cautions weight lifters, including those seeking back and spine benefits to make sure the body is adequately warmed up before lifting weight... Read More »

Pulled a muscle in thigh?

Ice pack or frozen peas. It will just take time to heal about 2-3 weeks id say

I pulled my thigh muscle, how can I make it better quick?

Hot, or extremely cold bath. Stretch then rest. Good luck. Tomorrow take some motrine and tell your coach beforehand. Goodluchpk :)

Muscle spasm in upper thigh when standing up?

nerve interference to both quads. see an hio method chiropractor.