While drinking, can you blackout but have no hangover?

Answer It is possible to blackout without a hangover. Hangovers are caused by a combination of different factors; the amount consumed, the type of alcohol (darker alcohols have tannins in them, known to ... Read More »

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Besides not drinking, what is the best way to get rid of a hangover.?

Best hangover cure, besides not drinking at all..?

2 table spoons of olive oil before you start your first drink. then 1 glass of water per 1 glass of beer. only drawback is you'll be pissin' a lot! i never get hangovers!!!

Is there a hangover at the end of being high like there is after a night of drinking?

Depends on what drug you used. Most of them will give you a hangover effect which is usually a craving for more of the drug. Your bodys way of asking you for more.

Red lips with hangover/after heavy drinking?

It is a combination of dehydration and the effect of the alcohol coming in contact with your lips. This is especially true if you are drinking strong spirits, such as shots of tequila, or other har... Read More »