Which youtube video is the most interesting to you?

Answer "Face dance" may be. Try it.

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What's a good username for youtube 10 points to most interesting?

What's your personality like? If you're a quiet, calm person, go for something like MeriAmbience, or something. Think of something that starts with an AM and add it to the end of your name. Try som... Read More »

Which country in Europe has the most interesting railways?

Switzerland or the U.K. Both have dense frequent networks and many scenic lines, There is a huge variety of rolling stock in the U.K. both diesel and electric and the unique three rail electrificat... Read More »

Which Rock Musicians have the most interesting biographies?

Of the dozens of Rock Bio's / Autobio's that I've read over the last 40 years or so, I would have to say that Frank Zappa's semi autobiography called 'The Real Frank Zappa' is my favorite. It was ... Read More »

What is the best/your favorite youtube video and what is the most viewed video?

This is a very good and is very well seen:…ok....