Which year is the diamond anniversary?

Answer Two years are considered diamond anniversary years, 60th and 75th. The original diamond anniversary was the 75th, but Queen Victoria popularized the 60th as a diamond anniversary when she nicknamed... Read More »

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Which wedding anniversary is the diamond?

The diamond signifies a 60th wedding anniversary. Traditionally, a gift that includes a diamond is exchanged between the two spouses for this anniversary. Further, 60th wedding anniversary parties ... Read More »

Are they going to have a 10 year anniversary for the Amanda Show this year?

One Year Anniversary!?

Kudos and praise be upon you! How does it feel to no longer be 'the most disliked person in the veggie section" (to paraphrase your own words)? :-PWelcome to the top ten list also!! It's about d*mn... Read More »

Its my and my girlfriends 2 year anniversary...?

italian restaurants are usually romantic. if she's more of a meat and potatoes type girl, take her to a nice steak house. seafood restaurants are usually really nice if you want to spend the mone... Read More »