Which x files episode is the best?

Answer Depends on your own taste, really. My favourite season was the first one but my favourite episode is 'D.P.O.' (Season 3)

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What is the best episode of The X-Files?

I don't know the name of the episode, but one I liked was one that was told in flashback. Both Mulder and Scully told their own different versions of the exact same story. Scully saw the local po... Read More »

Which X-files episode had a vampire?

The episode called "Bad Blood" (Episode 12 of Season 5) is about vampires. It's one of the more comedic episodes, as opposed to the more serious episodes.Also, the episode titled "Three," which is ... Read More »

Was there an episode of x-files fimed in Milton Florida?

What episode of x-files used the moby song weakness?