Which would be better company for a memory card reader?

Answer Usually they all r crap.... dont last more than 6mnths (depending on the usage).... bt u can go for a Sandisk or Kingston .... Intex is pretty well to...

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Which micro sd memory card would be better for capturing slo-mo?

The SD card manufacturer does not have any impact to the quality of the images stored.Assuming the write speed is fast enough to write the digital video or stills being stored, then all the zeroes ... Read More »

Which is d best memory card reader (as well as low priced)?

What type of memory card(s)?Edit:Thanks for adding the details, my friend. Apologies for taking so long to come back to your question.The following web page, from the website offers sever... Read More »

I have a targus card reader & it wont read my my xd memory card?

Does your Targus Card Reader actually accept XD Memory Cards, my friend?Is it the correct type of Memory card that your Card Reader can read?

Am i allowed to download things to hack my wii even though i have a sd memory card, and a sd card reader at?

Yes, it is legal to hack your Wii. Though you'll have to read your library's policy on downloading.You can checkout my LetterBomb video, download links in the video description. Read More »