Which would be a better career: LPN or dental assistant?

Answer On One Hand: LPNs Tend to Earn MoreAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2008, licensed practical nurses (LPNs) earned a higher median salary, $39,030, compared to dental assistants at $3... Read More »

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Is a dental assistant better than a vet tech?

On One Hand: Training and FunctionDental assistants obtain on-the-job training, although some elect to enroll in a training program of one year or less, according to the United States Bureau of Lab... Read More »

To pursue a career as a firefighter I am considering going into either the Air Force or the Navy as a firefighter to gain experience My question is which one would be the better choice?

Navy, by far. I don't say that just as a Sailor - it's that Fire is just an everyday part of every sailor's life aboard ship. There are so many things that can cause a fire aboard ship, ever sailor... Read More »

Is the medical assistant career better than medical billing and coding?

On One Hand: Medical Billers Work Behind the ScenesMedical billing and coding professionals are charged with correctly coding and preparing medical bills to submit to health insurance companies and... Read More »

Dental assistant stabbed with a used dental tool, worried.?

Judging from your writing, you don't really sound like a dental assistant, but nevertheless if you are injured with a contaminated instrument you need to follow these steps.You need to file an inci... Read More »