Which wood floor is best?

Answer On One Hand: Bamboo Is Eco FriendlyBamboo is one of the best wood floors because it is eco friendly and also looks attractive. It brings a natural beauty to any room and has become a favorite floor... Read More »

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How do I best clean engineered wood floor?

Daily CleaningSweep or vacuum the engineered flooring with a soft flooring attachment daily to avoid dirt buildup.Deep CleaningDamp mop when heavier cleaning is needed, but don't over wet the floor... Read More »

What floor scrubber works best on hard wood floors?

Hoover has a hardwood buffer that is incredibly effective but can be expensive. Another way to clean your floors very well is to steam it, if you choose this there are lots of options for steamers.

What is the best way to remove old small broken nails from a wood floor you wish to polish?

Since you want to finish it you probably don't want to gouge the wood. I would recommend trying to grab them up with needlenose pliers first, then using a pair of vice grips to hold the nail and gi... Read More »

Can you install a wood floor over an existing ceramic tile floor?

Answer No. Generally wood flooring needs to be nailed down. You may be able to get away with installing a floating laminate floor over the tile, but I would check with the maker of the laminate flo... Read More »