Which wireless phone service is the best?

Answer On One Hand: Verizon WirelessVerizon Wireless received the distinction of having the "best call quality" in a review by According to the survey, customers of Verizon Wireless re... Read More »

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Does wireless Internet service work with broadband phone service?

Wireless Internet service works with broadband phone service. If you are using wireless Internet service, it is operating on a different network than broadband phone. If you want to use the wireles... Read More »

Can I use any wireless phone for cricket service?

Changing the programming of a cellular phone, or "flashing" a phone, is a service that is available at many Cricket dealerships. There are many cellular phones that can be flashed to use Cricket, b... Read More »

Can you have wireless Internet service without a land phone?

Yes, you can have wireless Internet service without a landline. Many cable and satellite TV providers offer wireless Internet service. Some cell phones can access the Internet and can even function... Read More »

Can you use Magic Jack with wireless cell phone service?

Yes, you can use MagicJack with your wireless cell phone service. You can use your cell phone as a modem for MagicJack. You can also make international calls on your cell phone through MagicJack.Re... Read More »