Which windows is more comfortable or better. ?

Answer Xp... just just

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Which is more comfortable: quilted or traditional hammocks?

On One Hand: Quilted HammocksA quilted hammock is made of two layers of fabric separated by batting, and it feels like sleeping on a suspended blanket. Quilted hammocks are especially comfortable i... Read More »

Desktop or Laptop Which one do you feel more comfortable to use when at home?

Desktop.Personally, if I use a laptop at home and rest it on my lap, the laptop heats up and it's uncomfortable. However, with a desktop you don't have to worry about your legs getting heated up. P... Read More »

Slow Comfortable Screw Up Against the Wall or Sex on the Beach, which is better?

Which of the two processors is better,more powerful,more capableread description?

Grab the E2180.Runs cooler,nad faster than the pentium D,despite the frequency handicap.Plus you can overclock it alot.