Which will pay fast?

Answer Professional photography is like any arts/entertainment business - it is difficult to get started and noticed.Because it's a "fun" type of job, there are lots and lots of people that would like to ... Read More »

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Which type of flower will grow fast?

A dandelion will grow the fastest out of all flower's.

Micromax which will cost around 4k so much i see which do you think will be the best?

Following is the list of good phones below 4k with android OS:1. Lava Iris N3202. Intex Aqua 3.2If you are looking good built quality then Nokia Asha 305 is goodif you can increase your budget to 4... Read More »

Which is better HD DVD or Blu-Ray Which will win the war Which would you buy and why?

Will it is way to early to say who is going to win. When VHS & Beta were at war, it took 9 yrs to figure out who declare the winner. Remember history always repeats it self. Since Paramount Picture... Read More »

Which graphics card will be suitable for my PC which has 2gb ram,2.93GHz processor.?

go for 6670 1gb gddr ram and graphics card has no relation so go for any other card if you like by your self but i think you should go for 6670 1gb card and you also need a 450w psu ................. Read More »