Which will last longer, an LCD or Plasma TV?

Answer It all depends on a lot of factors. General theory states that an LCD will last longer. Plasmas are popular because they are thinner and have a crisper picture. Not like one will last 3 yrs and the... Read More »

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Does plasma last longer than LCD?

According to Consumer Reports, there isn't any measurable difference between the lifespans of LCD and plasma televisions. Either type of television with average use under normal conditions should l... Read More »

Which will let a propane water heater anode last longer Potassium or salt in the water softener?

Potassium is more reactive than sodium and will cause a sacrificial anode to deplete quicker. However, the rates of depletion are still relatively close, so that should not be a deciding factor wh... Read More »

Which type of television has the longer life span LCD or Plasma?

Answer Hi, That's relatively easy to answer. It's LCD. Since I worked on them for the last couple of years, I've personally decided that Plasma sets tend to break down much faster than LCD sets.... Read More »

Which air freshener last longer?

the best way to prevent odor is to crate your pup at night and when you must leave it alone. Start immediately with house training and clean up any mishaps immediately.If there is an accident on th... Read More »