Which websites are your finds of the year?

Answer www.myspace.comwww.bebo.comwww.camstreams.comyahoo questions n answers haha* * * My recent fav :D * * *****************************yeah mann!

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Can a 16-year-old girl's father get her 20-year-old boyfriend put in jail if he finds out they have had sex?

Possibly, Depends on the State Depends on the state you reside. Many states the legal age for "consent to engage in sexual activity" is 16. Hawaii it is 14, SC 15, and so on. There are however, oth... Read More »

If your a 17 year old male living in Britain and your in love with a 14 year old female which the feeling is mutual on both sidesand she falls pregnantdoes the 17 year old male go to prison?

Answer yes only if the parents press charges on you because a person 17 and older is not allowed to have sex with some one younger than them unless the parents say its ok for that child to.If the p... Read More »

2006 recalled - Your 3 most frequently visited websites last year?

Which are your 10 favourite websites Why What makes them special?

Well my 10 fav websites arewww.answers.comThe best source of information on any topicwww.orkut.comA great place to make new friends & keep in touch with old friends great s... Read More »