Which websites are your finds of the year?

Answer www.myspace.comwww.bebo.comwww.camstreams.comyahoo questions n answers haha* * * My recent fav :D * * *****************************yeah mann!

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Can a 16-year-old girl's father get her 20-year-old boyfriend put in jail if he finds out they have had sex?

Possibly, Depends on the State Depends on the state you reside. Many states the legal age for "consent to engage in sexual activity" is 16. Hawaii it is 14, SC 15, and so on. There are however, oth... Read More »

What should a 15-year-old do when she is raped and then finds out she is pregnant?

Answer Any questions you have should be directed to your Dr. being so young. I hope you have been to the Dr. as well as the police. You need to get checked for possible STD's which could harm yo... Read More »

What are some good websites for 12 year old's?

Brainpop, my 10yr old sister likes it. It's informative and teaches a lot of things. Like recently she wanted to know about 9-11-01 and I thought the website did a good job explaining it.

What are some websites a 4 year old would enjoy?

www.nickjr.comwww.pbskids.orgIf it's a girl, try one of those barbie websites, with games in it. It's mostly about fashion and princessy things, but some little girls enjoy it, especially my niece.... Read More »