Which web browser do you use?

Answer internet explore is breathing its there are so visual issue relating to it....although more than 50% user still cling to IE , i wonder Y?Google chrome is good in navigatio... Read More »

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Which internet browser is the best Which one are u using?

Opera 9. Looks and works great! And it's free! For more details visit

Which browser do you use?

Internet Explorer but If I'm going to open something with popups I use Advant Browser.

Which web browser do you use and why?

I have used IE, Opera, and Firefox in the last 2 years.IE is often seen as bad because there are security risks abound. the browser is very low maintenance though, and is the most common. It also... Read More »

Which is the best browser.?

I'm an avid user of all three and I must say if you mean the best by the fastest, Google Chrome is by far the best, it loads up pretty fast when you click it and it can comes with some nice extensi... Read More »