Which way should ceiling fans spin in summer?

Answer During the summer, ceiling fans should spin in the direction that pushes air toward the ground. This will create a breeze on your skin, thereby making you feel cooler. Ceiling fans have a "forward"... Read More »

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What direction should ceiling fans spin in the summer?

The ceiling fan should be set counterclockwise, so that the air from the fan blows downwards.

Which way should a ceiling fan spin in the summer?

During the summer, your ceiling fan should be blowing air down toward you, creating a breeze that will make you feel cooler. On most ceiling fans, the counterclockwise setting will blow air toward ... Read More »

In which direction should ceiling fans turn in the summer?

On One Hand: Pushing Down AirA ceiling fan's default position is "forward" which pushes air down, creating a wind-chill type effect in cooling a room. This is usually counter-clockwise, but that de... Read More »

Which way should a ceiling fan spin in the winter?

The direction the fan should spin will be determined by the type of fan and how you or the manufacturer have attached the blades. Look for the "forward" and "reverse" switch. Go forward in the summ... Read More »