Which way should a ceiling fan turn for heat?

Answer Look for the "forward" and "reverse" switch which should be located on the side of the fan just above the blades. Go forward for cooler air--you will feel the air hit you if you stand directly unde... Read More »

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Am I wrong for telling him to turn down the heat 38 degrees and heat on 75?

I keep it a toasty 68 F, 75 would be too hot for me, but some people like it that way.

How do I use ceiling fans to heat a room?

Check the FanThrow a lightweight scrap of paper or cloth, such as tissue paper, into the air while the ceiling fan is running. If the paper floats up, your fan is ready to help distribute heat. If ... Read More »

Which direction should a ceiling fan be going in the winter to circulate heat?

In order to circulate heat throughout the house, set a fan's rotation to clockwise in the colder months. Running a fan in the winter months will reduce heating bills by 10 to 15 percent.Source:Bob ... Read More »

Which way should a ceiling fan turn?

In the summertime, your ceiling fan should turn in a counterclockwise direction in order to create a breeze in the room. In the winter the fan should be set to run in reverse; this forces the warm... Read More »