Which way should a ceiling fan blow?

Answer According to the Department of Energy, a ceiling fan should turn counterclockwise in the summer to produce a cooling effect. In the winter, it should turn clockwise to force hot air from the ceilin... Read More »

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Which way should a ceiling fan blow in the winter?

Because heat rises, warm air tends to pool at the ceiling. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, you should run your ceiling fan clockwise, at low speed, during the winter months, forci... Read More »

Which direction should a ceiling fan blow for cold air?

A ceiling fan does not blow cold air, nor does it actually lower a room's temperature. However, a ceiling fan makes you feel cooler because it creates a wind-chill effect that accelerates the evapo... Read More »

Which way should a ceiling fan spin to blow warm air down?

Maximize the efficiency of ceiling fans by switching the blade direction each season. Set them to spin clockwise to move warm air down into the room and counterclockwise to pull cool air up.Source:... Read More »

What is the optimum distance between a ceiling fan blade and the ceiling for maximum air flow in the room?

Answer I've a 4 ft diameter ceiling fan with 3 blades of std width (about 3") hanging at a distance of 9" from the ceiling. Floor to ceiling distance is 8'5". Problem is that when I stand at a dist... Read More »