Which way round should a fence go?

Answer Clockwise

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On which side of a fence should you place posts?

On One Hand: Residential FencesFences in residential areas, such as neighborhoods and subdivisions, must be built to code. Always check with city officials before building a fence to be sure you ar... Read More »

How to Tell Which Way Round a Diode Should Be?

A diode is a two terminal electronic device which conducts current in one direction and blocks current in the opposite direction. A diode is also called a rectifier. Rectifiers convert AC to DC. Sc... Read More »

How far apart should fence posts be for a 4-foot wire fence?

The optimal spacing for fence posts when installing a 4-foot wire fence is between 8 and 12 feet depending on the heaviness of the wire. If using a large amount of wire for fencing, install the fen... Read More »

How far apart should fence posts be set on a 6'wood fence?

When installing a 6 foot wood fence, the posts should be installed 6 feet apart to insure the stability of the fence. Setting at least the end and corner posts in concrete will ensure durability.Re... Read More »