Which way is counterclockwise for a ceiling fan?

Answer Counterclockwise is the same direction for a ceiling fan as it is for any other item. When facing a clock (or looking up at a ceiling fan), counterclockwise goes to the left, as opposed to clockwis... Read More »

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Does a ceiling fan go clockwise or counterclockwise for summer?

During the warm summer months, set your ceiling fan to run counterclockwise for optimum air circulation. When ceiling fans run counterclockwise, the circulating air creates a cooling down draft. Yo... Read More »

During summertime, does the ceiling fan go clockwise or counterclockwise?

Which is better high ceiling or low ceiling?

For drama, and scale and in hot climates a high ceiling is best. It leaves room for crown mouldings and wall treatments that have scale. It also gives the warm air a place to go, leaving the lower... Read More »

Are clocks usually wound counterclockwise?

NO, many run on batteries or are plugged in