Which way does the ceiling fan rotate?

Answer The ceiling fan will rotate counterclockwise and clockwise, depending on which way you have it set up to run. Most fans have a string to pull that will change the direction. The ceiling fan is run ... Read More »

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Which way should a ceiling fan rotate?

A ceiling fan rotates in different directions for different seasons. In the summer, the fans should rotate counter clockwise to generate a downward breeze. In the winter, however, the ceiling fan s... Read More »

What direction should a ceiling fan rotate?

In cold months, a ceiling fan should be set to rotate clockwise. This will cause warm air to cycle throughout the house, and will lower your heating bill. In warmer months, ceiling fans should rota... Read More »

Which way do ceiling fans rotate in the winter?

Select a ceiling fan with a reverse air flow feature to maximize the efficiency of a heater during the winter months. Ceiling fans rotate to the left in normal mode and to the right in reverse. Rev... Read More »

Which direction should my ceiling fan rotate to cool off my living room?