Which way does a suger cube dissolve faster?

Answer In hot and stirred water.Both condition will increase the rate of reaction between the solute (sugar cube) and the solvent (water or anything)

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Does an ice cube melt faster in water or oil?

An ice cube will melt faster in water. The specific density and heat of oil and water and the convection currents set up all play a part, but the lower specific heat of the oil keeps the ice frozen... Read More »

Does an ice cube melt faster in air or fresh water?

Ice cubes of the same size and density will melt at differing rates in different circumstances The ice cube in water will melt faster than the one in the open air. Because the molecules in liquid a... Read More »

How to Dissolve Sugar Faster?

Despite what your eyes see, sugar doesn't actually disapear when it is mixed with a liquid, but it does temporarily dissolve. Sugar crystals are comprised of low-energy molecules, and when higher e... Read More »

Does an ice cube melt faster in cool&dry or in cool&wet?

According to The Engineering Toolbox online, water is a better thermal conductor than air. Therefore, a moist and cool environment, or one with high humidity, will melt ice more quickly than a dry ... Read More »