If you are parked uphill which way do you steer your tires?

Answer really cant think that far huh? if your car is moving, where do you want it to go.

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If your car was hit and damaged while parked at work does the employer have any liabilty since you were parked on their private premisis?

Answer even if it is a private parking lot they are not liable for any damage .well that's how it is in montreal.

Why Does Your Car Fan Turn Off When You Go Up a Hill?

Along with the radiator, the engine fan is used to help cool a car's engine. When necessary, the fan turns on to help regulate temperature and avoid overheating.

Which way do I turn the wheel when backing up?

When you are driving forward and you want your car to move towards the kerb (sidewalk) you move the wheel towards the kerb right? It is the same when you are reversing (backing up) What ever way yo... Read More »

Is this how you turn left when parked in nsw?

When pulling out from the kerb, regardless of the parking angle, put your right blinker on. When you have exited the parking space and before you turn left put your left blinker on. Simple.