Which way do you prefer Scotch--straight, neat or on the rocks?

Answer Why does this question sound so sexy AG?Anyway, if I did, probably on the rocks (isn't that with icebubes?).

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What does scotch neat mean?

The term "scotch neat" refers to drinking scotch whiskey without any additives of any sort. Scotch neat has no soda, water or even ice added to it, and is often the preferred method of drinking sco... Read More »

Did you know that I love scotch, scotchy scotch scotch, here it goes down, down into my belly, mmm mmm mmm?

i feel all deprived...i've never had scotch.i do like tequila though...yum.

Guys do you prefer girls with straight hair or curly hair, blonde or brunette?

Depends on the person,and the way you like it duh! Don't you know its obvious! But anyways I like my hair curly and brunette. I hate blonde with straight hair and blonde with curls. I like my hair ... Read More »

Do boys prefer girls with curly hair or straight hair?

To be honest with you it shouldn't matter if you have straight, curly or if you have no hair. Boys shouldn't judge you by your hair or your looks because if they do they are just really shallow and... Read More »