Which way better to obtain vitamin D?

Answer Absolutely the sun is better BUT if you are vitD deficient (like 97% of people) then the sun can be dangerous. There are the good UVB rays & the bad UVA rays - they balance each other so you don't... Read More »

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Coke Zero Vitamin Water Or Lemonade Which from this list do you like better?

Vitamin WaterI never tried coke zero before, and I'll give it try now since you mentioned it.

Simple Drink question. Pepsi Orange Juice Vitamin Water Or Milk Which from this list do u like better?

Whats better for repairing skin tissue vitamin a or e?

A good vitamin E supplement can be amazing for skin repair. Here is the one I take:…

Help! I eat Vitamin C but I never actually feel better?

The part no one says is that if you already have enough of something, more likely won't help. C is more for colds and stuff like that. For allergies you need more generalized decongestants and de... Read More »