Which waterproof camcorder should you buy?

Answer I would recommend a Sony waterproof camcorder but you can view a list of 85 waterproof camcorders I found here: See the Related Link below.

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Is the jazz dv150 digital camcorder waterproof?

no its not its just a normal pocket camcorder 480-620p gets the job done

Can you use a coleman xtreme sports waterproof HD wearable helmet video camcorder to record normal videos?

The camcorder does not care what the subject is. Start recording and point the camera at the subject.Video and audio quality may not be ideal. Just because the camera is being used to capture somet... Read More »

Which mascara is better CoverGirl Lashblast Waterproof or Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof.?

I like cover girl lashblast better. I've tried both and I don't know how to explain it but for me it works better than greatlash.

Ipod 4th generation waterproof case and waterproof headphones HELP?

Check out X-1 Audio for a waterproof iPod Touch case, they make one that's great. As for the waterproof bluetooth headphones, they don't exist, as bluetooth signals are absorbed into water. Despi... Read More »