Which wastes more electricity having the light on, or the tv on?

Answer Its not that simple what wattage of light vs what wattage of tv the higher the watt he more power it uses.

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Which TV uses more electricity - an LCD TV or an LED TV?

Why should we pay more tv licence when the bbc just wastes it on crappy repeats and more crappy digital tv sta?

People seem happy to pay for Sky with all of their imported rubbish and endless repeats, so why not!

Which light bulbs can generate solar electricity?

There are no brands of light bulbs that generate solar electricity. Solar energy is generated by solar panels, which must face the sun to absorb its energy. However, this electricity is quite frequ... Read More »

Which allows more light into the camera?

The song from the Canon Rebel T2i commercial with the baby in it is:Surprisingly So by Amy Seeley~Tamara