Which wastes more electricity having the light on, or the tv on?

Answer Its not that simple what wattage of light vs what wattage of tv the higher the watt he more power it uses.

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How Is Light Used to Make Electricity?

Photovoltaic cells are used to convert sunlight into electricity, according to NASA. Photovoltaic cells are also referred to as solar cells. However, solar thermal power plants are another way ligh... Read More »

How much electricity does a fluorescent grow light use?

Calculate electrical costs by combining the wattage of the lights and dividing by 1000 for the kilowatts used. Multiply this number by the charged amount from the electric company, as it will vary ... Read More »

People rave about light bulbs that use less electricity...?

I use them in areas that don't require good, bright light. I do like the fact that they last so much longer though. I have one on my porch that is turned on from dusk to dawn every night and I ha... Read More »

If a light switch is on, but there is no bulb in the lights, are you using electricity?

Depends on the type of light fixture....incandescent fixture,(common screw in type bulb) no. Fluorescent fixture, or similar fixture with ballast, (long tube type bulb) then yes. Any time you ha... Read More »