Which war enacted the first income tax?

Answer Congress enacted the United States' first income tax by passing the Revenue Act of 1861, the first year of the Civil War. According to the US Treasury Department, this was a "new direction for [the... Read More »

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What year was the earned income credit enacted?

Enacted in 1975, the earned income credit was designed to help low-income families receive a subsidy based on the number of children in their families, according to the Tax Policy Center. This cred... Read More »

Which state was the first to institute an income tax?

Wisconsin was the first state to institute an income tax. The tax was established in 1911, alongside a property tax reform. The 16th amendment, which allows for a federal income tax, was passed in ... Read More »

Who signed the first income tax law?

The first income in the United States was the Revenue Act of 1861. The United States enacted the income tax for funds during the Civil War. The act was signed by then President Abraham Lincoln.... Read More »

When was the FMLA enacted?

The Family and Medical Leave Act was enacted on August 5, 1993. The FMLA allows qualified employees to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave due to family or medical reasons if they met the eligibili... Read More »