Which vitamin is best for hair growth?

Answer On One Hand: Helpful vitaminsVitamins are very important in maintaining a proper metabolism of our body. There are various vitamins responsible for healthy hair and good growth. Dr. George Obikoya ... Read More »

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Does Vitamin B6 Help Hair Growth?

Vitamin B6--or pyridoxine--assists the body in creating energy by turning carbohydrates into glucose. Like all B complex vitamins, it plays a major role in maintaining the health of the skin, eyes,... Read More »

Does Vitamin E Help Hair Growth?

On One Hand: Healthy Hair Grows FasterVitamin E is good for hair. Getting an adequate amount can keep hair from becoming brittle and dry, according to author and nutritional consultant Lisa Petty. ... Read More »

Vitamin A for Hair Growth?

Growing your hair can be a rewarding experience when you know which vitamins are necessary. Vitamin A provides important nutrients to hair roots and stimulates hair growth. Does ... Read More »

Foods With Vitamin B for Hair Growth?

Vitamin B is important to nail growth, skin cell rejuvenation and hair growth. If you're finding that you might be losing hair, or you want something that could increase hair growth, taking in more... Read More »