Which virus changes it's appearance to avoid detection?

Answer Polymorphic. The code changes in a way that keeps the algorithm but changes its signature. Decripting most of the virus code in real-time or adding a few lines of assembler here and there are oft... Read More »

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How to Configure Virus Detection?

A computer virus may penetrate into your system through common tasks such as data downloads and file execution. Once compromised, your computer may suffer data modification or complete loss. Config... Read More »

Will mooning (explosing your bum) to a smile-detection camera active smile detection?

As far as I can tell, smile-detectors look for two dots on top (eyes), a faint veritcal line (nose) and a horizontal line (mouth.) Most people have the vertical line, but unless you have really pr... Read More »

How to Avoid Getting a Virus on Your Computer?

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How to Avoid Getting a Virus Through Email?

The continuing proliferation of the Internet has enabled more and more people to take advantage of electronic mail (e-mail). Unfortunately some unscrupulous individuals or agencies take advantage o... Read More »