Which veggies grow faster?

Answer In most cases salad crops and herbs give the quickest edible return.

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How do you grow your own veggies if you don't have a back yard?

Patio gardens are great as you can go out in an instant and cut a few greens or tomatos for dinner. Generally they are pest free as well, and being so close, easier to water and stay on top of. I j... Read More »

Can your grow veggies with indirect sunlight?

5 hours is plenty fo grow a lot of veggies, including most veggies that you're harvesting leaves from - like lettuce, spinach, kale, chard. Also cool weather crops benefit from not having all-day ... Read More »

How to grow fruits and veggies indoors without windows?

It is possible to do but the electric bill for lights will make it cost prohibitive to do. Unless it is a high value crop here.

Are there any herbs, fruits, veggies, or edible flowers i can grow in a pot, bucket, or tray in a shady patio?

Here are some links for plants that can grow in the shade………http://www.... Read More »