Which vegetable do you resemble the most?

Answer There, a star. It is a cute question.Physically, I resemble... a butternut squash. Big hips. ;DI think... I am a mushroom. Sometimes I am healthy and friendly, others... not as much! I can be pois... Read More »

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Which Disney character do you or your children most resemble?

I am Princess Giselle from Enchanted. I'm really that wishy washy and airy half the time.My youngest would be Pocahontas (surrounds herself with animals).My eldest would be either Ariel because she... Read More »

What celebrity do i most resemble****PICTURES INCLUDED?

WHAT CELEBRITY DO I LOOK LIKE?****PICTURES INSIDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...In Hair - Asked by MIAMIGIRL - 4 answers - 2 hours ago - Open WHAT CELEBRITY DO I LOOK LIKE?****PICTURES INSIDE !!!!!!!... Read More »

What vegetable do you eat the most?

Every day I have at least one serving each of the following fresh "Vegetables":- onions (at least 2 servings per day)- broccoli- cauliflower- brussels sprouts or purple cabbage- cucumbers- bell pep... Read More »

What vegetable has the most protein?

I believe it is chickpeas or soybeans.