Which vegetable do you resemble the most?

Answer There, a star. It is a cute question.Physically, I resemble... a butternut squash. Big hips. ;DI think... I am a mushroom. Sometimes I am healthy and friendly, others... not as much! I can be pois... Read More »

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Do me and my dad resemble each other?

yeah u guys do. natural curve of the eye brows not to noticeable on u but it shows. u have prettier eyes. i think u guys have the same nose, and as for the mouth its hard to tell cuz ur not smiling... Read More »

How to Resemble Katherine Pierce?

Want to be sexy, seductive? Have any guy at your feet like Katherine? Well, here is how have her flirty attitude & confidence that Katherine has!! These awesome steps will show you how to be the pr... Read More »

Do i resemble any celebrities (picies :))?

What does this vintage vase resemble to you?

So that's what happened to them!!! I' ve been wondering what they did with Grandpa's nuts!