Which vegetable contains pigments called flavones?

Answer beets

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What is a rock that contains two very different sizes of crystals called?

A heterogranular rock is one which has crystals of significantly different sizes. Another, less common, term for this type of rock is inequigranular. Anisodesmic is an archaic synonym, though today... Read More »

Which layer of the eye contains the iris?

The layer of the eye that contains the iris is called the uvea, or middle vascular layer. The uvea also contains the choroid and the ciliary body of the eye.Source:The Eye: Information About Vision... Read More »

Which rock contains fossils?

Sedimentary rocks are the most common fossil-bearing material and comprise approximately three-quarters of the rocks on the Earth’s surface. As the sediments slowly compress, buried organic matte... Read More »

Which part of the egg contains protein?

Protein is found in both the yolk and white of the egg. However, the part of the egg that contains the most protein is the white, also known as the albumen.Source:Penn State: The Parts of the Egg