Which utility is used to configure a screensaver?

Answer In Windows XP or later, the Display utility of the Control Panel initiates and configures screensavers. Through this utility, you can specify when a screensaver starts, how long it lasts and what o... Read More »

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How to Configure a Gnome Screensaver?

Gnome is a desktop manager program for the Linux operating system that is used on various Linux distributions (its chief rival is the KDE desktop manager). Gnome allows users to set up screensavers... Read More »

What is a screensaver used for?

A screensaver is an image or animation that appears on your computer screen after a certain period of time. It is the only image viewed on the screen until the mouse is moved or a key is pressed. A... Read More »

What is a utility knife used for?

A utility knife has many functions including opening boxes, trimming shingles, cutting drywall, removing baseboards, cutting carpet and freeing painted-over nails and screws, to name a few. Additio... Read More »

What command or utility should be used to convert NTFS partition to FAT?

Partition Magic was the only utility that was able to convert a NTFS partition to a FAT partition, but it has been discontinued by its developer. The only solution to convert partitions is to back ... Read More »