Can you use a USB memory stick as a memory unit on an XBox 360?

Answer You can save your Xbox 360 games and demos on a USB memory stick. Microsoft released a firmware update for the console in 2010 enabling support for USB memory sticks. The Xbox 360 uses a maximum of... Read More »

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Do simply bigger wattage speakers giv better (louder) sound or does the hifi unit itself need to be more power?

To answer this in a clearer and shorter manner:The wattage of the speaker is just how much power they can handle. The amp/receiver is what powers the speaker. Wattage ratings are misleading however... Read More »

Which is bigger: 1GB or 4GB on a memory stick!?

4GB !!!! since 4 is a bigger number than 1

Which of these is not a unit of memory?

What is virtual memory in a computer and how does it get made bigger?

Assuming you have Windows XP seeing a message stating "Your system is low on virtual memory. Windows is increasing the size of your virtual memory paging file." Unless you have very little physical... Read More »