Which types of beer have less hops?

Answer IPAs tend to be very hoppy; lagers and milds are less hoppy. The colour of the beer comes from the malt, not the hops and there is no relationship between colour and hoppiness. Some dark beers are ... Read More »

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What are hops in beer making?

Beer commercials often mention malt, barley and hops. But these aren't exactly common plants in the average back yard. While many people have heard of malt and barley, people usually only mention h... Read More »

How to Grow Hops for Brewing Beer?

With the acute shortage of hops which struck homebrewers and commercial brewers beginning at the end of 2007, there has been a rapid expansion within the field of hop farming, with many homebrewers... Read More »

There is a plant that grows wild in western North Carolina. The common term for it is brewer's sage and it is an alternative to hops in beer making. Where could you find it for cultivation?

Information on the use of Cinnamon fern can be found at the below link.

Types of Beer Bottles?

Many factors contribute to the packaging of beer. Using brown or green-tinted glass ensures the product is protected from sunlight, which can cause a breakdown of the contents. Aesthetic appeal tru... Read More »