Which type of scales are better, digital or dial?

Answer The digital are more accurate and many even come with a body fat monitor built in. There are also ones available with a memory to track your progress.

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Are digital scales more accurate than old school scales?

How accurate are Weight Watchers digital scales?

Weight Watchers uses a standard digital scale at meeting locations to weigh in members that is consistently accurate to the tenth of a pound. The scales used at Weight Watchers are considered to be... Read More »

Which scale is more accurate: digital or dial?

On One Hand: Digital is User FriendlyA digital scale is easily readable and offers an exact readout in pounds or kilograms. Getting a reading on weight down to the ounce takes out any guesswork, wh... Read More »

Why do people make songs for the scales they learn(im learning piano scales)?

It may help your ear in identifying the scales. As you are self teaching yourself, one thing that you need to know that ear-training is a very vital aspect to learning piano (or any instrument). ... Read More »