Which type of person should stay away from alchohol..........?

Answer All people should stay away from Alcohol.

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Are you the type of person that actually changes the settings on the washer / dryer depending on the type..?

No. I'm not the person to choose cold and warm. I just put my clothes in there, put it to wash and press the button. Sorry. Not that organized about that

How many hours can a person stay awake?

probably depends on what you're doing. Did you hear about the guy who stayed awake for like 72 hours playing video games and then just died? Always knew video games would kill ya!

How does a vaccination help a person stay healthy?

Vaccinations come in 2 types.One type is prevent. You are injected with a tiny amount of the disease, and your body fights and defeats it easily, and develops antibodies to fight a tougher version ... Read More »

Can bed bugs stay on a person's clothing?

Bed bugs can stay in clothing and other items, like luggage and beds, according to the University of Kentucky. Putting clothes infested with bed bugs in a dryer set on medium for 10 to 20 minutes u... Read More »