Which type of microscope sees ribosomes?

Answer An electron microscope is needed to see ribosomes, which are the parts of cells made up of protein and ribosomal nucleic acid. Ribosomes, which synthesize proteins for use of the cell, are too smal... Read More »

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What type of microscope is made up of two or more lenses?

A microscope made up of two or more lenses is called a compound microscope. Compound microscopes were invented as early as 1595 but were not perfected until the 18th century, according to the Unive... Read More »

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Where are ribosomes made in a cell?

Ribosomes are produced in a cell's nucleolus. There are two subunits in each unit of ribosome. Composed of protein and rRNA, ribosomes make new proteins by decoding the genetic code of mRNA.Referen... Read More »

What is the primary function of free ribosomes?

The study of cell biology can be complex. Cells contain a large number of substructures, all of which work together in a coordinated system to ensure cell function much like larger organs do for a ... Read More »