Which type of kitchen sink is the most durable?

Answer On One Hand: Stainless Steel A Good ValueStainless steel sinks made with a higher thickness of steel offer both durability and affordability, according to Home Depot. The lower the gauge, the thick... Read More »

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Which type of kitchen flooring is the most durable?

On One Hand: Vinyl the Traditional ChoiceVinyl is one of the most popular and durable kitchen floor coverings. Among the reasons for its popularity: It is relatively inexpensive and doesn't require... Read More »

What type of kitchen sink is best?

On One Hand: Pick and ChooseKitchens have traditionally featured only stainless steel and cast iron sinks. These resources were formerly the only materials interior designers relied upon when build... Read More »

What type of lighting is recommended for above the kitchen sink?

It is recommended that you use fluorescent lighting above your sink in the kitchen. Natural light is best but is not always attainable. Fluorescent lighting will give you a bright work place in wha... Read More »

Your kitchen sink drain pipe came apart and leaked under sink now How can You dry sub flooring under hardwood floor?

It will dry just fine... after you remove the flooring...